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We are recognized as the leading ball bearing suppliers in Kolkata

Timken Tapered Roller Bearings

Our company is one of the largest and independent distributors of bearings and associated products. We have grown from small distributor to a highly significant exporter of ball bearings from some of the most famous brands of the industry. Our company is one of the most renowned balls bearing suppliers in Kolkata. Today we support big or small businesses with our range of specialized products from the world’s leading brands. Through our unrivaled expertize and high-end ability to supply top class products, we have garnered the reputation of being the first choice among consumers for the supply industrial safety products. Specializing in a wide range of bearing supplies from over many years, we are actually the true experts in this field.

The roller bearing supplier in Kolkata helps you to find perfect product

Being a recognized bearing dealer in Kolkata, we support the clients far beyond just supplying an extensive assortment of products. We are fully equipped in enabling you to keep up with the pace through meeting high-end safety, innovative technology, and production reliability requirements. Whether you are searching for the most reliable ball bearings or roller bearings, our team is here to find out the perfect solution which meets all your unique business needs. The roller bearing supplier in Kolkata works in complete partnership with you as well as suppliers for providing you the most appropriate product for the application which represents true value for money.

The goal of our firm is to provide practical and timely solution

The ultimate aim of the organization is to provide you the most practical and timely solution in a cost-effective manner. The top class solutions are made accessible through our collaboration with the ball bearings dealers in Kolkata along with product innovation. We utilize the industry-leading, innovative approach as well as commitment to excellence and thus you can completely rely upon us for all your bearing products and services. With immense experience and expertise in the field, the ball bearing supplier in Kolkata assists you in finding the right product that exactly meets your specific needs. Our team works extremely hard to deliver you top-class products in a quick manner.

Each of products is thoroughly tested for ensuring 100% quality

Each and every bearing which comes through the doors of the ball and Roller Bearing Supplier in Kolkata is thoroughly tested, inspected with 100% quality assurance. All specialized products have been developed to suit the specific needs of clients. Our ball bearing products need no lubrication externally, are corrosion resistant and operate quite.

We supply products that fit extensive range of applications

Our firm is highly distinguished in the market as being one of the most reputable and independent ball bearing dealers in Kolkata. We supply a comprehensive variety of products to fit an extensive range of applications. The bearing dealers in Kolkata offers the customers with the most adaptable and flexible solutions. With quite a significant choice in terms of products, cost, delivery, you can completely rely upon our company for all your customized bearings requirements.

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